Inspiring Interiors Portfolio 6 ~ Mr. and Ms. R.

Project Description

The Project:

I was brought in on this project because the clients were unhappy with their kitchen cabinets. After driving up to the residence, which is in the desert south of Phoenix, I loved seeing that the exterior of the house was painted a beautiful desert lavender and was surrounded by an amazing amount of wildflowers. Upon entering I noticed that the interior walls were painted white and that was one of the problems with the kitchen. We added new countertops and washed the walls with color! This change was greeted with such excitement we moved onto the living and dining rooms!


Client: Mr. and Ms. R.

Both clients are airline employees who own a home 50 miles from the airport. Their home is a sanctuary since they are away so much of the time.


Inspired Reviews:

"I was pretty well satisfied with the outside of my house. The garden and exterior areas were very colorful but the inside was distinctively lacking! Sheree used her creative skills to take my hodge-podge indoor living space and make it into a well coordinated beautiful area. She managed to pick up on my likes and dislikes, sometimes when I didn't even know what they were, and incorporate all my special items into the overall design. Now, I love the inside of my house as well as the outside."

– Ms. R.
Casa Grande, Arizona