Inspiring Interiors Portfolio 4 ~ Mr. and Ms. K.

Project Description

The Project:

Solve the problem of a home with one large area that encompassed the family room, dining room, kitchen and dinette area. Specify techniques to divide the area by adding walls or breaks in the flooring.


Client: Mr. and Ms. K.

This couple owns their own business which invests in different properties around the valley.


Inspired Reviews:

"Sheree did a great job for us! We had purchased an investment property in Queen Creek that had an enormous living space, but no room definitions. She was able to complete it with walls, lighting and flooring to transform it into a kitchen, living room, dining area, family room and entryway. She has helped us on other projects with color and design also and they have always become a success. Thanks, Sheree,"

– Mr. and Ms. K.
Gilbert, Arizona